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About Admin Monitor

AdminMonitor has been Webcasting important meetings, special events and workshops since 2000. We have state of the art equipment, and a qualified staff to make live streaming or delayed webcasting available in real time or on demand for you, your staff and your audience.

Webcasts provide access for your audience, whether local or anywhere on the planet with a broadband connection. Everyone can attend if you have a webcast and make an archive available on your website. Organizations can save money, both in terms of costly travel and by saving valuable productivity time. Your professional audience -- whether on staff, working as outside consultants, or your desired participants in your event or meeting -- will all save time and money

Features and Benefits

  • View meetings live, from any current device, from anywhere with a broadband connection
  • A comprehensive archive is available for you and your team for research and review
  • Agenda specific clips available to save time and money
  • Share points of interest using our E-Clip Service
  • No plug in or special video player software required